Mount Trusmadi

Mount Trusmadi Climbing

Mount Trusmadi (Mt Trus Madi) is located about 70 kilometres southeast of Kota Kinabalu City.  The Trusmadi forest reserve covers an area of 184,527 hectares, and borders four districts in the state of Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) :  Ranau up north, Tambunan on the west, Keningau down south and Sook in the east.

Despite being 1,453 meters lower than Mount Kinabalu (4,095 meters), those who have climbed Trusmadi will tell you that this mountain offers a tougher challenge compared to Mount Kinabalu. Going for an ascent of Mount Trusmadi is therefore suitable only for eager trekkers with a good level of fitness.

Trusmadi Forest Reserve

Trusmadi is one of the major Forest Conservation areas of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Consequently the flora of Trusmadi is diverse and fascinating.  Close to 600 species of 160 families of plants that have been recorded here. Climbers will pass through five different types of vegetations namely:

  • lowland mixed dipterocarp forest (427m-600m),
  • hill mixed dipterocarp forest (600m- 1,500m),
  • lower montane forest (1,500m-2,000m),
  • upper montane forest (2,000m- 2,5000m)
  • summit scrub (2,500m-2,640m).

Remember to look for some unique pitcher plants – nepenthes trusmadiensis is the natural hybrid between nepenthes lowii and nepenthes macrophylla, which is endemic to Mount Trusmadi.

Mount Trusmadi Climb

The Summit of Mount Trusmadi

Standing at 2,642 meters tall, Mount Trusmadi is the second highest mountain in Borneo after Mount Kinabalu, and due to this high altitude, the temperature on the mountain is between 10 and 25 degree Celsius.

When you reach the summit of Mount Trusmadi at dawn, if the weather is clear, you will be mesmerised by a breath-taking view of Mount Kinabalu, which lies about 40 KM to the north.  The viewpoint area is furthermore enhanced by a recently built tower, that allows one to see above the trees and canopy.

Mount Trusmadi Climb

Trekking to the Summit of Mount Trusmadi

Trekking to the summit of Mount Trusmadi can be done in 2, 3 or 4 days, and this depends on which trail/path is chosen. There are 3 summit trails:

1. Wayaan Kaingaran (starting from Tambunan) is a 2-Day Trip

  • This is the most well-established trail. The starting point of the trail is reachable only by 4 wheel drive.
  • On the first day we drive you from Tambunan town to starting point, which is about 27km, and take 2hrs 30 minutes.
  • The hike starts the next day early, and is 4.9km from starting point to summit, done in two sections, and can be completed in one day.
  • Alternatively one can stop at the rest house around midway to the summit, and complete the summit the next day.

Mount Trusmadi Trail Map

2. Wayaan Mastan (starting from Keningau)

  • This trail is more challenging and less developed.
  • Accessible only by 4 wheel drive.
  • Can be done in 2 days.
  • About 4.3km from starting point to summit.
  • From Keningau town to starting point is 76km (3- 4 hours drive).

3. Wayaan Mannan (starting from Kg Sinua, Sook)

  • This trail is the easiest to access the starting point, is the more pristine, but also is the longest (taking 4 days).
  • 11.3km from starting point to summit.
  • From Keningau town to starting point, 103km drive, about 3 hours drive.

Trus Madi Trail Map

All reservations must be referred to the Director of Forestry Department for the approval.

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