9 Days Trail of the Rajahs

Day 1SingaporeEmbarkation in Singapore, set sail for the east of Malaysia, and the beautiful islands of Aur, Dayang and Tioman

Day 2Aur IslandAt sunrise you will be delighted to find the yacht is anchored in a stunning natural harbour fringed by beautiful white sandy beaches between Pulau Dayang and Pulau Aur. Snorkeling and diving here is excellent and is a good place to see underwater life including manta rays, and dolphins. A short walk on Pulau Lang to the top of the lighthouse affords panoramic views of the South China Sea.

Day 3Tioman IslandAt the coral fringed Pulau Tioman there are opportunities to trek through the jungle and to swim beneath waterfalls. Golfers can take the opportunity to play a round at the Tioman island 18-hole links course. Scuba divers can explore several top-class dives on the smaller outlying islands and underwater seamounts.

Day 4Passage to BorneoSet sail for Borneo

Day 5Santubong, BorneoEarly arrival at Anchorage inside the mouth of the Santubong river. Here we will explore the river by tender, and see the colonies of proboscis monkeys living in the Kuching Wetlands National Park. In the evening prepare to be boarded by the Iban, the former headhunters of Borneo, for a tradition performance on the deck of the Raja Laut!

Day 6-7Kuching, BorneoSail up the Sarawak river and into the heart of Kuching town. Here we will arrange private guided tours of the city and you will discover the heritage of the Brooke Raj era, including Fort Marguerita, and the Sarawak Musuem.

Day 8Mulu Caves, BorneoFly to Gunung Mulu National Park. This area encompasses an array of caves and karst limestone formations in a mountaininous equatorial rainforest setting, including the world's biggest cave: the 'Sarawak' chamber. It is 700 m long, 396 m wide and at least 70 m high. Other notable caves are Deer Cave, Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave, which exposes parts of along underground river going through the park.

Day 9Orang Utan SanctuaryA visit to the research centre for injured and orphaned orang-utan at Semenggoh is a must. An orang-utan expert will be on hand to provide insight into these beautiful and endangered creatures.

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The Trail of the White Rajahs

Sarawak, an ancient land of headhunters, was ruled for exactly 100 years by the Brooke family, known as the 'White Rajahs'. The incredible adventure of the Brooke family began in 1838, when James Brooke sailed from Singapore aboard the schooner 'Royalist', arriving in Kuching to find the settlement facing a tribal uprising against the Sultan of Brunei. Offering his aid to the Sultan, Brooke and his crew helped bring about a peaceful settlement, and Brooke was granted the title of Rajah of Sarawak in return. Today there are no longer any wars or uprisings in this peaceful land, but the romance of discovery and navigation continues with Raja Laut. Following in the Brooke's footsteps you will embark in Singapore, exploring tropical islands enroute, and arriving in Borneo by sail, just as they did in past centuries. We will cruise up the Sarawak River to Kuching, where you will explore the vestiges of the Brooke era, experience Borneo's wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, colourful local markets, and the Orang Utan sanctuary. This sojourn will leave you enlightened by the spirit Borneo.

Luxury yacht Raja Laut

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At 100ft in length this splendid yacht was designed along exquisite classic lines for private charters and luxury expeditions in tropical waters. Effortlessly combining style & grace with modern technology - air conditioned cabins, multimedia and satellite internet facilities, SCUBA-diving and waterskiing - Raja Laut has all you need for the perfect escape at sea..

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