Insects In Borneo

trilobite-1.jpgThe abundance of insects in Borneo is really outstanding and many new species are discovered each year. The most immediately obvious are the seemingly infinite varieties of dragonfly and butterfly. Of these the most famous is the stunning Raja Brooke Birdwing, a large butterfly whose colours and beauty and quiet incredible.

Entomology identification books on Borneo are the best way to find out what you are looking at. Whilst the enthusiast can find insects of all types anywhere in Borneo, guided trips to the rainforest are the best way to find some of the rarer species.






Kinabatangan River Insects

The Kinabatangan river, which has the largest forest covered floodplain in Malaysia and has the largest concentration of wildlife in the Southeast Asian region, presents one of the best opportunities in the world to see wildlife. You can also spot many insects, reptiles and amphibians including snakes, frogs and stick insects.

Kinabalu National Park Insects

Walkers and climbers are more likely to come across the park's abundant insect life than anything else. Examples include pill millipedes, rhinoceros beetles, the emerald green and turquoise jewel beetles, stick insects, 'flying peapods', cicadas, and a vast array of moths (including the giant atlas moth) and butterflies (including the magnificent emerald green and black Rajah Brooke's birdwing).

Bako National Park Insects

Bako National Park is a good place for finding new insects, insects we do not have a chance to see in the city. Rare insects here include orchid mantis, leaf grasshopper, stick insect, and rhinoceros beetle.

Mulu National Park Insects

Mulu National Park is also a paradise for naturalists and adventurers. The park is known to have 281 types of butterflies, and hundreds of species of fungi and insects.

Danum Valley Insects

Danum Valley Conservation Area is rich in biodiversity. The forest serves as a natural home to a wide variety of insects. Some example is like the Dead Leaf Mantis, Giant Uranid Moth, Golden Orb-web Spider, Pill Millipede, Rhinoceros beetle, Trilobite Beetle and so much more yet to be identified.