Spa Therapy

In Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, many of the spa operators offer exclusive Borneo treatments. Compared to the more well known Thai and Balinese spa and massage treatments, Borneo treatments differ in both ingredients and techniques and when combined with traditional techniques can offer an extreme sensual experience. With picture perfect surroundings complementing your therapy, Malaysian Borneo is a unique spa destination.

Our treatments are the perfect accompaniment to a holiday here, where visiting some of the many natural wonders can be demanding on your body. Of course messages, bioessential treatments, theripies and beauty treatments are also a perfect way to relax and ease yourself away from the demands of day to day life.

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Some of the more famous Borneo treatments include:

Traditional Dusun Lotud Inan Massage
Traditional massage techniques commonly performed by older village ladies from the Tuaran area. The techniques combine stretching and acupressure to various points on the body, aiding in unlocking the energy flow, releasing tension and relaxing muscles.
Boreh Treatment
Boreh is a traditional spice concoction used to warm and relax the body. Mixed into a paste and spread over the body, it aids in improving blood circulation, revitalizing skin tone and leaving you with a warm sensation.
Borneo Therapy
Using ancient techniques of the 'Bobohizan' or High Priestesses, it incorporates the use of 7 commonly found herbs and medicinal plants such as nutmeg, red ginger and the leaf of the areca nut.
Borneo Volcanic Mud Wrap
A combination of a scrub treatment from locally grown green tea and sea salt with a mud wrap of volcanic minerals from the east coast of Sabah.

These can be combined for the ultimate Spa experience:

Pulau Bayu Retreat (2hrs 30 mins)
This unique experience indulges your senses, body and mind and includes Uplifting Himalayan Bath Therapy, followed by Pearl Cocoa Scrub and Borneo Therapy Massage.
Serenity Ritual (4hrs30 mins)
Three relaxing treatments combined into a pampering experience. In a half day, you will be treated with a Borneo Volcanic Mud Wrap followed by soothing Asian Blend Signature Massage and Biodroga oxygenating facial to relax you from head to toe.
Paradise Found (4hrs 30 mins)
Lose yourself in an indulgent experience that includes Relaxation Himalayan bath therapy, Revitalizing Essential Wrap, CHI Balance Signature Massage and CHI Facial.