Couples & Honeymooners

Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, with its many attractions from romantic beaches to scenic mountains may well be the perfect setting for couples seeking a romantic getaway, or a unique honeymoon holiday, or even a dream wedding destination.


Malaysian Borneo's unique appeal lies in its its beauty, charm and warmth, as well as its rich cultural heritage which is an amalgam of three of Asia's great civilizations - Malay, Chinese and Indian together with the ethnic groups of Sabah and Sarawak, and the influence of the British colonial period. A kaleidoscope of colourful and interesting places, peoples, customs, celebrations, festivals, the arts and delightful cuisine - a wonderful treat of exotic sights, sounds, smells and tastes for the senses.


Endowed with an abundance of Mother Nature's wonders, Malaysian Borneo offers an exciting range of holiday experiences all year round for both the active and those seeking pure relaxation. Watch the sunrise from Southeast Asia's highest peak, or take a boat ride through ancient rainforests and be fascinated by the variety of exotic flora and fauna, dive into enchanting underwater worlds teeming with colourful marine life and fragile corals, explore awe-inspiring caverns filled with some of nature's most beautiful sculptures or take a blissful vacation by the beach.

Beyond its natural and cultural allurements, Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah enjoys a growing reputation as a shopping paradise offering great value and variety. Don't miss the bargains during the nationwide Mega Sales carnival held thrice a year. For sporting enthusiasts, there are thrilling spectator events such as the Formula 2000 Powerboat Grand Prix, pitting the skills and physical endurance of the world's top racers.