Horse Riding In Borneo

In Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, the many sandy beaches and kilometres of open country roads offer hours of pleasurable riding. It is definitely a unique way of going sight-seeing and with such scenery and natural beauty there are few better places to go for a ride than right here in Malaysian Borneo!

Discover Borneo has a selection of recommended operators for the riding enthusiast. Almost all of the large and small beach resorts in and around KK offer horse riding.

If you are thinking about staying in a resort where horse riding is offered please inquire further through our contact form and we can inform you of the latest packages and prices.

Kindawan Horse Riding Centre

Tuaran Beach Resort is home to Sabah's largest private stable of horses in the form of the Kindawan horse riding centre, which is open to the public (ie. non-hotel guest). Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner who has never been near horses, you can enjoy rides of more than 3 hours, experiencing relaxing beach rides or country trekking.

All these rides are suitable for beginner level upwards:

Sabandar Beach (1 -1½ hours)
Situated ideally at the 5-kilometre-long Sabandar Beach, you can conveniently ride on long stretches of sandy beach.
Combination (1½ - 2 hours)
Shorter ride through the Sabandar village where you can see the Bajau folk's lifestyle. Back via Sabandar Beach.
Beach-Track (2 - 2½ hours)
Through Sabandar beach and wet lands to see water buffaloes and other wildlife such as the Egret, Berahms birds, Whislting Duck, Otters and Macaques in their mangrove habitats. Back through Sabandar beach.
Highland Riding at the Sabah Tea Plantation

For horse riding enthusiasts Sabah Tea provides an ideal place for riding which can be done either among the tea plantation or the 130 million-year old rainforests. Challenging trails for competitive riding or endurance race, the choice is yours.

Bajau Horsemen of Kota Belud

The Bajau race in Sabah have two different communities, each with their own language, and while those living on the east coast concentrate on fishing, the Bajau of Kota Belud have become agriculturalists and raise cattle and ponies. Nicknamed the "Cowboys of the East", they are well known for their skills as horsemen, almost all the jockeys at the local races being Bajau. On festive occasions, such as at the Tamu Besar, Bajau men dress both themselves and their horses, making a spectacular display.