Kuching City Heritage Tour

A perfect introduction to Sarawak's historical capital, Kuching. One of the most pleasant cities in Southeast Asia, this informative tour covers many of Kuching's sights including the Cat Statue, Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple and the world famous Sarawak Museum. Take a walk through Old Kuching along the narrow alleyways visiting the Central Markets and heritage building of the White Rajah era. Kuching Heritage tour begins from the former State Mosque. It was built in 1968 and its gilded cupolas make it one of the city's most striking landmarks, especially during sunset. Next to the former State Mosque is Brooke Dockyard which was first set up in 1912. Nowadays, the dockyard is still operational and mostly doing repair job for government vessels.

Along the road of Gambier Street you can see a row of shop houses that must have been over a hundred years old. The facades had remained unchanged generally and some shops still hang their signboard with their name practically unreadable due to age. It also renowned for its spices and open air stalls. Between the shop No.24 and No.25, a textile shop and a sundry shop respectively is a very interesting narrow lane filled with shops selling textile, salon, stores and even a small mosque! Before the lane was widen, it held the distinction of perhaps the narrowest thoroughfare in the world! This narrow lane exits into India Street Mall, another shopping haven for bargain hunters with endless shops selling clothing, books, household items, coffee shops and etc.

As you exit the narrow lane towards the Old Court House, which was built since 1871. Upon entering the Chinese archway into Carpenter Street, another old world charm of antiquated shop houses greets the visitors. There is a Chinese Temple, the Hiang Thian Siang Ti built by the Teochew, a Chinese dialect group from South China, who were among the earliest immigrants to settle in Kuching.

The Main Bazaar is only a short walk from the temple, where a long row of old shop houses are now selling tourist trinkets and bric-a-bracs. Another temple, the Tua Pek Khong Temple stands at this intersection. This temple was built in 1843 and the oldest in the city. It is particularly famous for its Wang Kang celebrations. Opposite this is the glitzy new Kuching Waterfront , totally unrecognizable from the riverside landing jetties for trading vessels of the early days. It may be worthwhile to take another leisurely walk along the Kuching WaterFront to savor some scenic views of Kuching with the Matang mountains in the background, or take a rideon the tambang or water taxi, to the opposite bank of the river to visit one of the famous homemade Sarawak Layer Cake outlets called Dyg Salhah Kek Lapis at Kpg Gersik. Take a ride back to waterfront, and the journey end with guest take photo at our famous Cat Statue in the middle the road between Grand Margherita Hoteland Riverside Hotel.

Getting to Kuching is easy with direct international flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, Jakarta, Osaka-Kansai, Seoul-Incheon, Tokyo-Haneda, and connections to most of the major Malaysian cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, and Johor Bahru.

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