Motor Biking In Borneo

Motorbike or moped hire in Malaysia is illegal. Luckily you don't need your own motorbike to enjoy the awesome routes that traverse northern Borneo and the Cocker mountain range. Discover Borneo offers new Aprilia Pegaso 650 Trails, the perfect bikes to handle the varied terrain, and the perfect bikes for an effortless or challenging ride at speeds that are comfortable for you. Along with expert riders, and full logistical support, you can enjoy anything from a full day trip to multiday excursions and longer.

Borneo has been described by many of the few bikers who have ventured here as the best kept secret in adventure biking. The roads are often clear and wind over mountain ranges, pass by paddy fields, venture through jungle and dissect long miles of empty beaches. Biking is a great way to get away from tourist crowds and towns and to experience the real Borneo.

All trips involve overnight accommodation the day before the excursion so that we can assess the type of riding you would like to do, gravel trails or sweeping highways, and so that formalities such as liability waiver forms, picking out riding equipment and getting acquainted with the bikes can be sorted out before the trip.

Example of a 3 day itinerary:

Day 1

Pick up from airport or town and take a 30 minute drive out of town to the biking headquarters, a spectacular home stay perched 1350 feet up the Cocker Range. All bedrooms here are spacious and ensuite and hold commanding panoramic views of KK city, the Marine Park and Mount Kinabalu. Introduction and familiarity with the bikes, equipment check and choosing your riding gear if you don't have all of your own. Settle down for a beautiful meal and relax with wine and beer by the pool.

Day 2

Breakfast is taken on the patio, whilst lapping in the outstanding views. A pre-ride briefing followed by exchange of cell phone numbers and we set off for our first adventure. The journey south starts on gravel and leads to the Old Papar Road, with vitually no traffic and classic rural Borneo scenery it is pleasant introduction to what awaits!


The Federal Government has just spent millions on carving a new road across the Crocker Range. It is fantastic! It's mostly completed with just a few gravel stretches and rickety bridges to traverse. It climbs 6,000 feet to the top of the Range then plunges down to Keningau in Sabah's fertile Central Valley. We take lunch in the busy market town where our bikes still attract small crowds.

There are plenty of flat out sweeping bends on the ride up the valley and a great photo stop at a cascade. Of course, we have to re-cross the Crocker Range to get back home and another 6,000 foot climb and decent awaits us. One of our riders counted the bends on the decent, 220! We get home before dark and prepare for another boozy night swapping tales of daring-do.

Day 3

Overnight, the bikes have been mysteriously washed and re-fettled and are lined up sparkling, ready for the days ride.


We retrace our steps and ascend those 220 bends once more to crest the Crocker Range. It's bitterly cold at that altitude so we stop for a cup of hot Sabah tea before swooping down the other side. Its great feeling the air warm up again as we descend to the valley floor. We turn north onto a fantastic stretch of deserted sweeping bends with glimpses of Mount Kinabalu and some majestic scenery to stop and photograph. The ground here is very unstable, land slides are common and the Road Department fight an endless battle to keep the road open. We often have to wait while a giant excavator clears our path. The road terminates at Ranau and its time to refill fuel tanks and tummies. We ease our way through groups of youths gathered around the bikes and head for Mount Kinabalu.

The next photo-op is the fruit market that lines both sides of the road in Kundasang. It is more than 5,000 feet above sea level and an amazing variety of temperate fruits, flowers and vegetables flourish here. The vivid colours are intensified by the rarified atmosphere, it's well worth taking a photo or two.

Herculean feats of civil engineering have carved the road that takes us past the Mount Kinabalu Park Headquarters and we begin our decent to the Capital. Stunning views of the surrounding mountains and glimpses of the distant South China Sea plus wonderfully flowing bends keep adrenalin levels at max.

It is quite an anticlimax to get back to reality, commuter traffic and smoking trucks. Thank goodness we are on Aprilia Trails, they are as happy carving their way through the inevitable jams as they are traversing river beds. We're soon home in time for an ice cold beer, a dip in the pool and a stunning sun set. Dinner will be a Bar-B-Q on the deck washed down with some good Aussie wine.

Please note we do not cover your medical insurance.