Rainforest & Trekking
The Rainforest In Borneo

borneo-rainforest.jpgThe jungle is a world of wonder and mystery, revealing new secrets each day, even to those who have always lived in it. As a visitor to Malaysian Borneo there are many different ways to experience the magic of the jungle. Guests can stay in a variety of different locations and accommodation types, from the tranquil, natural and rustic lodges, located in the heart of the jungle, to traditional longhouses or river lodges where you can swim in the gentle cool currents as the sun sets.

Arguably Malaysian Borneo is home to the world's finest jungle and certainly the world's oldest, where species diversity out-strips any other ecosystem on land.

Trekking In Borneo

Trekking, for the nature lover, must be one of the most exciting pastimes on the land. Borneo's rainforests and jungles are home literally to countless species of animals and plants, stunning views and many different habitats.

Trekking can accommodate all levels of fitness, although due to the hot and humid climate, care should be taken. For the relaxed traveler the best way to explore the jungle is to stay in a rainforest lodge and explore the area with a guide or by sticking (strictly) to set paths. There is a large variety of accommodation for travelers throughout the jungles of Malaysian Borneo, and a large variety of sights and nature to be seen.

trek-1.jpgFor the more adventurous jungle explorer short and long expeditions can be organised with local guides, depending on your budget, to virtually anywhere in Borneo. Discover Borneo is also actively opening up new routes through the jungle, for example the Salt Trail, an old tribal path following the river upstream from Kota Kinabalu into the interior, via the old salt drop-off destinations, the longhouses. The trail can take between 3 and 6 days depending on your pace and the level of the river. Another example of Discover Borneo's new routes is the Head Hunter trail, a five day trek that takes guests from the famous Mulu caves, through to the Gunung Api pinnacles and finally by longboat into Limbang town, and trekking to King George's Peak, the four day Eastern Ridge ascent of Mt. Kinabalu.

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Kinabatangan River Trekking
Sabah's Kinabatangan River is a gateway to the rainforest. The best way to see the wildlife is by cruising the river with a boat and spotting wildlife along the river banks. However, if you want to get a little closer to the action the Kinabatangan is also a place for jungle trekking. A guided night-time nature walk will take you into the rainforest where, even if you find it difficult to spot nocturnal wildlife, you certainly will hear the jungle at night - it is positively throbbing with the sounds of nature. Multi-day adventure camping expeditions can also be organised with Sukau as the starting point.

trekking mount kinabalu.jpg

Mount Kinabalu Trekking
Trek up to the summit of South- East Asia's tallest mountain on this breathtaking Borneo quest. Standing tall at 4095.2 meters (13,435.7ft). You will reach the base of Mount Kinabalu. Around the foot of the mountain is the magnificent Kinabalu National Park, blessed with a profusion of fascinating tropical plants and animals.

salt trail-1.jpg

Salt trail Trekking
The salt trail is a 34 km long trail used by the folks of Tambunan. This trail runs along the Crocker Range from Tikolod, Tambunan to Inobong, Penampang. The highest point at 1320 meters and the lowest is at 220 meters above sea level. The rugged track involved trekking through the primary jungle and across not less than eight rivers.

long pasia-1.jpg

Long Pasia Trekking
130 KM from Sipitang Town, right at the border meeting point of Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia Kalimantan are two villages of the Sabah indigenous people. If you're looking for breathtaking nature, interesting historical sites and great hospitality, then this is right place for you to do your jungle trekking.


Mulu Trekking
A trip to the Mulu Park offers a chance to explore inside the caves, as well as trekking in the surrounding jungles. The trek to the summit of Gunung Mulu, has always been the main attractions for adventurers (standing at 2, 376 m - Sarawak's second highest mountain), and the famous Pinnacle's trek at Mulu consists of a series of 45 metres high razor sharp limestone spikes soar that tower above the surrounding jungle.


Headhunters Trail Trekking
The trek combines upriver journey, jungle trekking and an overnight stay at an Iban longhouse. The Headhunters Trail is a great way of entering or leaving Gunung Mulu National Park. The trail itself follows the route taken by Kayan who paddled up the Melinau River to the Melinau Gorge. The Headhunter's Trail can also be done in reverse, starting from Limbang and ending up at the park HQ.