Whitewater Rafting
White Water Rafting & Kayaking

With a number of exciting whitewater rafting rivers emerging from the mountain ranges Borneo is an excellent destination for both white water rafting and kayaking.

For all levels of experience and all grades of river, white water rafting and kayaking in Borneo can be organised for both groups and individuals, and as part of a day trip or part of a longer camping adventure/eco expedition.

The most prominent white water rafting rivers are in the Malaysian state of Sabah. These are:

1) Kiulu river (level 1 to 2)

2) Padas river (level 3 to 4)

3) Liwagu River (level 1 to 3)

Each of these rivers offer something for everyone, from half day excursions to personalized itineraries along multiple stretches.

In Sarawak the kayaking and whitewater rafting scene is not as developed as in Sabah, but if raft-building as part of an expedition takes your fancy then there's the annual Baram White Water Rafting Challenge, typically held on October each year, where participants compete for a cash price in a grueling 10 hour bamboo whitewater rafting challenge!

The Baram River is the second longest river in Sarawak. Starting from the Kenyah village of Long Silat, participants will complete the Baram White Water Rafting Challenge at Long Apu, with the last finisher expected to come in 10 hours later. This unique whitewater rafting challenge will take participants through some of the most pristine stretches of Baram River with the thrills of the occasional rapids thrown in. Participants will also experience the rich culture of the Orang Ulu community of Sarawak especially of the Kayan and Kenyah sub-groups.

Discover Borneo can help you organise a variety of white water rafting and kayaking adventures, eco tours, classes and instruction programs.

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Padas River Water Rafting or Kayaking Tour
In Malay Padas means hot, as in the chilli kind of heat, and indeed the Padas River can rage. This whitewater rafting trip takes a whole day. Leaving Kota Kinabalu in the morning a bus journey will take you to Beaufort, from here you take in train through the jungle, a great experience in itself, to the whitewater rafting station just before Tenom. After the safety briefing the journey begins. It takes approximately 1 - 1½ hours depending on the height of the river and you will paddle through 9 rapids, with daunting names like 'Cobra Point' and 'Washing Machine Rapids'. Between the rapids you have time to absorb the beautiful jungle scenery and have a refreshing dip in the fast moving whitewater current. Be prepared to get very wet!
Kiulu River Water Rafting or Kayaking Tour
The Kiulu River is located on the north western part of Sabah in a small and beautiful town called Kiulu and is classified as a Class 1 to 2. This makes it an ideal entry-level rafting river. Kiulu is suitable for anyone aged between 5 and 65 and who would enjoy a gentle adventure. The trip begins with a safety briefing session conducted by your professional water rafting guide, he will demonstrate the river rafting techniques and proper handling of rafting equipment before the adventure begins. The journey covers 15km and will take about 1½ - 2 hours.
Liwagu River Water Rafting or Kayaking Tour
Liwagu is a longer, more remote and more diverse river ideal for a white water eco expedition. The entrance point is located high up in the Cocker range, behind Mount Kinabalu. A two hour drive will take you from Kota Kinabalu to Ranau, en route you will pass the Kinabalu Park Headquarters and have great views of the mountain. Until recently the Liwagu had only been explored by hard core adventurers, however recently a large section of the river has opened up to the public. The river, which flows through primary jungle offers a long and fun ride, about 4 hours of it, with numerous white water rapids ranging from grades 1 to 3. One day though is not long enough to explore the length of these rapids and we recommend the option to extend the tour to 2 days with a stop over night in a jungle lodge half way down the river. The second day of this adventure is as thrilling as the first and 4 more hours in the river await!

All trips include:

  • Transport
  • White Water Rafting Guide
  • White Water Rafting Equipment
  • Meals

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