Case Study

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DHL Asia Pacific, 2007, "Top Sales Person of the Year Incentive"

We were approached in early 2007 to help organise the DHL Asia Pacific, 2007, "Top Sales Person of the Year Incentive". The purpose of the event was to reward 90 of their top sales staff from around the Asia-Pacific region (participants came from all walks of life, race, religions and cultures).

After initial discussions with DHL we were able to create a skeleton outline and itinerary for the event, and a multimedia presentation to show them how the event would feel, look and even sound.

After further discourse with DHL we began to fine tune the event, incorporating the finer aspects of their requirements. We tackled the broader details; preliminary costings; food & beverage; logistics; transportation; hotel arrangements; award ceremonies; and speech's. Finally, with a DHL representative we conducted a trial run through the program just to ensure that every aspect of the event was as they imagined.

The DHL experience included a private island getaway with an exotic dinner, setup complete with cultural dancers and a traditional orchestra, dimed jetty lights and flaming torches, a 4-wheel drive treasure hunt, water sports, such as jet skiing, sailing, beach games, and specially designed cultural activities and rounded off with a showcase evening of entertainment-cum-awards ceremony.