How We Work

how we work.jpgEvery event is unique, so when planning your event our first questions are:

- What is the aim of your event?
- What is the message that you want to impart to participants?
- How do you want the event to be remembered?
- What is your budget?

From there we can make recommendations. We can help you to select hotels; convention areas; reception halls; and even original/creative indoor or outdoor locations. We will design the activities, entertainment, food and beverage, decorations and music to suit your wants and needs.

Our experienced events coordinators will closely work with all the service providers and keep in contact with you throughout the entire process building up to the event. As with all events you want to impress, and our job is to take care of that. It's our responsibility to ensure that all the finer details fit around your ideas and desires so that the whole event comes together seamlessly.

We realise that certain features have to be just so, and to reassure you that they are, we can show you how certain aspects of your event will look months before you get here. When we pitch any of our event ideas we communicate more than just bland fact, and timetables. In fact our multimedia presentations help to show you how the event would feel, with pictures, sounds, and video so that you get a true feel for the event.

When you choose us, we begin planning your event in detail, and before your arrival we will be able to give you a detailed hour by hour plan, to show you both what you will be doing and how we will be organising it.

While you are here we will always be moving, according to a carefully designed and well thought-out plan, with contingencies, which means that every detail is taken care of, and that there are no unwanted last minute surprises.