Wreck Diving in Sabah

Difficulty Rating: 3/5


Day TripsAll day trips starting from Kota Kinabalu. It is possible to dive on two wrecks in a day. A typical day trip, for example to Usukan Bay, will involve two deep dives on two of the wrecks.

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For the experienced Scuba or Nitrox Diver there are 9 known wrecks between 40 and 26 meters, all within a few hours of Kota Kinabalu. 4 of these were sunk during the war. The 3 Japanese merchant tankers in Usukan Bay were all sunk on the same day, October 14th 1944 by the same Submarine, USS Dace, other than that very little is known about them. The Australian Wreck, south of Kota Kinabalu towards Labuan and the Bay of Brunei, was an old Dutch troop carrier that was captured and renovated by the Japanese. She was bombed by the Royal Australian Airforce when the Japanese retreated from North Borneo in 1945. The story goes that most of the troops escaped however there was not enough room in the life rafts for the native 'pleasure girls', and many divers today believe the wreck is haunted; certainly it is a very atmospheric dive! There are also 2 very large wrecks lying at 50 meters; however these are only dived on mixed gases.

Typically the visibility, due to river run-off and sedimentation loads, is not that great, between 5 and 10 meters. However on some of the sites, such as the Blue Water Wreck and the Usukan Bay wrecks, visibility can open up to 30 meters or more on a good day. Typically these wrecks are all covered in soft and hard corals and have a variety of interesting marine life to be found on them. The particularly exciting thing about diving many of these wrecks is that some of them have hardly ever been dived and very little is known about their history. Who knows what you might find?


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What To Bring

All scuba equipment rental can be provided in Kota Kinabalu (if you do not have your own). Scuba divers will have to be ready for decompression dives; Nitrox divers will have far more 'productive' diving.